Property Preservation & Field Services

Property Preservation encompasses all up-keeping, routine repairs and inspections, and Preventive maintenance and checks services required for having the property in good serviceable condition, and in full compliance with the local real property code.

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Be a Good Neighbor

The objective of property preservation is to maintain the resale value of a vacant property and make the property ready for its next inhabitants. Property preservation services are usually performed in accordance with the guidelines of HUD, Fannie Mae, etc.

General repairs, grass-cutting and yard works, securing entrances, swimming pool  cleaning and security, and pool's equipment maintenance, floor and carpet cleaning,  winterization, roof inspections and repairs, and other preventive maintenance checks and services are also performed.

Being a good neighbor is having a well-kept property; thus, the supporting the stabilization of neighborhood, so the property maintains its resale value, presentable and in ready to move-in condition.

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